Wednesday, June 27, 2012

GHQ 1/285 Modern Community Expanding!

GHQ is releasing this year alot of interesting new vehicles. Guys make sure you go to their website and take a good look at them models.

Note: Sad they are not releasing any new modern infantry packs this year. I know for a fact alot of us were not happy to hear this. Sad GHQ is the only one producing high quality Infantry soldiers, hopefully one day some new manufacturers come out with high quality infantry packs aswell!!.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Some pictures of Modern 1/285 by several artists

Heres some pictures of some incredible detailed modern vehicles, aswell of a city.
have fun and hope you get ideas guys and girls to keep this miniature world going!

by: ferret701

by: pvt64

By: Koevoet

by: AllenRockwell

by: AllenRockwell

by: Dog Smack

by: Ragnar65

All rights of this pictures goes to this artists and GHQ forums.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

These guys mean business!

1/285 Scale Naval WASP USN
1/285 Air Craft Carrier!

1/285 Scale Aircraft
Just check out the incredible detail!

TU-95 Bear 1/285th Scale
Who would imagine having the TU-95 "Bear" in 1/285 scale?

Heres the webpage to their link:

all the images are copy right and belong to Prairie Hawk Gamers webpage

Buildings for your Terrain!

Heres some webpages where you can find good buildings for your terrain, some are made of paper, but really good though!
This one has 3 free models for download
this one free aswell

1/300 Civilians and Cars for MODERN GAMING WOW!!

After searching the web for civilians that could fit my modern theme, I was send to to a seller.
this are the pics of the civilians and cars (don't judge my cars painting :(  )

They come in Packs of 100 poorly painted civilians, and 100 car pack unpainted.

IMG 20120510 134434

The plastic civilian come with out the base, so i had to use a whole puncher to make them one.

from 1-10 I would give them a 6. But they get the job done :)

IMG 20120510 134639
Here are the cars, notice the GHQ TECHNICALS are almost the size of them. To me they get the
job done :)

IMG 20120510 134801
Here's my store box with a bunch of them.

Heres the webpage

Task Force - 7

IMG 20120510 130618

IMG 20120510 130652
Humvees (GHQ)

IMG 20120510 130713
Strikers (GHQ)

IMG 20120510 130747
M2A2 "Bradley" (25mm Auto Cannon, (7) Tow Missles) (GHQ)

IMG 20120510 130821
M-113 (GHQ)

IMG 20120510 130856
M1A1 "Abrams" (120mm) (GHQ)

IMG 20120510 130919
Leopard 2E (120mm) (GHQ)

IMG 20120510 130952
V-150 Commando (CinC)

IMG 20120510 131015
Cougar 6x6 APC (GHQ)
**Need to buy new pack, aswell the 4x4 version**

IMG 20120510 131036
M35A2 (CinC)

IMG 20120510 131055
M-113 (CinC)

IMG 20120510 131320
Jeeps armed with M240's and TOW missles (CinC)

IMG 20120510 130606
M60A3 (105mm) (CinC)

Task Force 7 Air Force
IMG 20120430 141244

F-4 "Phantom"  (CinC)

F-15 (CinC)

UH-60 (GHQ)

UH-1 (GHQ)

AH-1 (GHQ)

UH-64 (GHQ)

IMG 20120430 154701
U.S Marines (GHQ)

IMG 20120430 154622
Canadian Army (Brown) and Special Forces (Green) (GHQ)

IMG 20120430 154737
Spanish Army

IMG 20120430 154958
U.S Army & Delta Operatives(Civilian Clothing) (GHQ)

IMG 20120430 155049
U.K Army (GHQ)

IMG 20120430 155141
Italian Army (GHQ)